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    JU ZHEN is an artist from Beijing, China.
    2008 - Worked on the comic "LILLUM", which was published by Image Publishing in America (5 volumes)
    2009 - Worked on a promotional animation for Columbia Pictures' "The Taking of Pelham 123"
    2010 - Published personal art book: Speed and Passion: Matrix the Creator of Beauty and Sportcars
    2010 - Worked on the comic "KONUNGAR", which was published by Glénat Publishing in France (3 volumes)
    2013 - Illustrated cards for "Marvel: War of Heroes" (mobile card game)
    2014 - Illustrated cards for "Blade & Soul" (card game)
    2016 - Worked on the comic "Après la Chute", which was published by Glénat Publishing in France (1 volume)
    2017 - Worked on the storyboard for Tsui Hark's "Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings"
    2018 - Published personal art book: Bloody Sun

    Creative concept: Heroism
    "A Hero is one who possesses exemplary traits in their mind, body, and soul. How else can they lead others through thick and thin?"
  • Sija Hong

    Sija Hong received her MFA in Illustration from Syracuse University in 2018. She currently lives in New York as a freelance illustrator, and is a member of the Society of Illustrators (US).

    Her scope of work includes advertising, magazines, books, book covers, games, murals, commodities, apps, and product packaging. Her clients include Scientific American, Tor, Chronicle Books, Little Brown & Company, Chaosium, Focus on the Family, NETEASE, Tencent, People's Literature Publishing House, Blue White Red Pictures, Scientific World, UID Works, Tsinghua University Press, Valiant Entertainment, and Qingdao Publishing Group.

    Creative concept: Awakening
    Anyone can undergo an "awakening". After undergoing an emotional catharsis, one can achieve a state not too diferent from "awakening".
    During the process of creating art, we sometimes find ourselves stuck in a bottleneck.
    The moment we finally have an epiphany can also be described as an "awakening".
    There are moments where we can experience an "awakening" in the game as well.
    The surge of emotions when upgrading characters. The joy when clearing a stage for the first time.
    These count as "awakenings" as well.
    To experience an "awakening" when making art is the epitome of euphoria.
    I hope everyone can experience this in game as well.

    FIREYE is a freelance illustrator.
    His clients include: Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Netease, Tencent, Xiaomi, Baidu, Dreamworks, McDonald's, ADIDAS, Oreo, Google, Xunlei, Nokia, Yili, SF Express, ZCOOL, etc.

    Creative concept: Battlefield
    "Fighting a battle is something most people will never have to experience."
    "However, it is a concept that everyone experiences to some extent. We all have our own (non-literal) battles to fight."
    "As an artist, I live in a battlefield known as Art. I must ensure I'm always at my best. I have to constantly improve myself. Even when my body is covered with countless wounds, I must stand tall and fight on. This is what it means to live like a warrior."
  • Kudaman

    Kudaman is a freelance illustrator.
    He previously worked at PASSION REPUBLIC as a concept designer, and worked on Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm.
    He has many specialties, including character and background designs, game posters, clothing designs, album designs, magazine illustrations, tattoo designs, book covers, etc.

    Former projects:
    - Honor of Kings
    - Heroes of the Storm
    - The King of Fighters
    - Street Fighter

    Creative concept: Solidarity
    Players, like art, are never truly alone.
    Players from all over the world can connect with people with similar interests via the Internet. They can exchange ideas, share their thoughts, and work together to create something greater.
    When people come together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Seidenba Dian Saku

    Seidenba Dian Saku is an artist and a musician. She has worked in illustration, fashion, music, etc. She is a creator in XL-Universe and a singer-producer in the group Question Children. She has held solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Shanghai, and other countries, and her artwork is inspired by East Asian culture.

    2016 - Created the original character, "cubecat", and helped develop a game for this character
    2017 - Created the characters "Blue & Yellow Peach" for Taoxichuan, Jingdezhen
    2018 - Exhibition: Breathing Monsters, in Gallery Jupiter, Shanghai
    2019 - Exhibition: Mottainai, in Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2019 Summer, Japan
    2019 - Published art book: TOKYO GALAXY

    Creative concept: Technology
    "Science and technology are fields exclusive to scientists, yet art today relies heavily on the intangibles of technology."
    "In the past, we would rely on natural ingredients to paint a colourful picture. These days, we can use programs to pre-load settings, and generate images that are displayed on or printed out by another machine. We are now seperated from our art by a filter we call technology."
  • EN

    EN started out as an animation designer, and is now a freelance illustrator.
    He started working in the game industry in 2014, then switched to fashion design, working with convenience stores, etc.

    2013 - Featured in cgworld's sketchbook: "Sketch Collection 3"
    2015 - "GTA5xDoraemon" artwork was featured in HYPEBEAST, Apple Daily, and other news sites
    2016 - Featured in the comic anthology, "Seekers"
    2016 - Worked on the game, "Kio's Adventure"
    2017 - Worked on a collaborative illustration for YOHO magazine, "The Art of Fashion"
    2018 - Worked on a collaborative illustration for ROARINGWILD's 8th anniversary limited collection: "Street King - Roaring Beast"
    2019 - VICE×EN Interview

    Creative concept: Deconstruction and Reconstruction
    As the piece is a "puzzle", I deconstructed and reconstructed the creative process repeatedly. It was risky, but the end result is something perfected over a grueling process.
    Lords Cube

    This Lords Cube is a specially commissioned art piece for the Lords Tale event. These pieces are limited to only 100, and will be gifted to players at the Lords Tale event.
    The set contains 100 smaller cubes that can be arranged into one of six different portraits, as well as a desk accessory consisting of a larger cube with all six portraits, and a base for the larger cube.
    Using the 100 cubes, six different portraits can be produced by flipping the six sides of each individual cube.
    Each portrait is a beautiful design featuring Lords Mobile heroes and soldiers battling alongside the players that control them.
    In keeping with Lords Mobile's global outlook, we invited six world-renowned artists to each design a portrait. These artists come from different backgrounds and have distinct art styles. These six portraits represent the vision Lords Mobile aspires to, fostering interaction, communication, and integration among players around the world.


    Portrait Cubes, Portrait Frame, Desk Accessory (Cube): Beech Wood
    Desk Accessory (Base): Resin
    Packaging: High-density Fiberboard covered with PU, Black Lined Greyboard